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Dj Fitted / Host, Sincerely Fitted


Glide into the party and you’ll hear the pulsating sounds that will instantly make your entire body want to sway. Song after song you don’t lose the beat, or your consistent rhythm. No it’s not a coincidence, it’s Dj Fitted sending you into an auditory explosion.

Every party, concert, club and event is graced by his 1’s and 2’s. He is a proverbial sponge and is always evolving and creatively growing. Immersed in the music, Fitted perfects his sound. While attending Kentucky State University he earned his BS in marketing and simultaneously stepped out as an entrepreneur and established a concrete brand that he used to move his career forward during and after he graduated. He became the DJ of every event and party on and off campus. From homecoming concerts to gracing the front page of the Frankfort Kentucky State Journal as one of the state’s top ranked DJ and his community involvements.

As his popularity and proficiency was being established, he also went on to be a finalist in several DJ competitions. This solidified that he indeed was on a path of success and committed to his craft. He has since, relocated to Atlanta, Ga, where he now resides, DJ’ing and fueling his love of music.